Darwin Green!

Aiming to be a sustainable community.

Now you’ve found your new home, why not find some new travel habits? Darwin Green benefits from a Travel Plan, providing you; the resident, with a variety of incentives to encourage sustainable travel choices.

Please take time to explore the different sections of the Darwin Green Travel Plan website. We have curated the wealth of information, advice and resources specifically for you.



The Darwin Green Travel Plan aims to bring a number of benefits to the local area:


Reduce travel by private car and reduce the amount of congestion in the area.


Increase awareness of alternative travel options in the area, for all residents.


Reduce pollution by accommodating suitable, but more sustainable car journeys.


Improve your health and reduce stress by increasing walking, cycling and use of public transport for a better quality of life.

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Residents Groups

Have your say.

We need you! We are looking for residents to have their say and help us understand what you need when it comes to sustainable travel in and around Darwin Green. If you would like to be part of a residents group, working alongside us at Smarter Travel, please email us at: ResidentsDarwinGreen@SmarterTravel.uk.com

You will receive regular updates on our work and we will be asking for advice and feedback on measures we are implementing for residents.