Yearly Monitoring


The Smarter Travel Team strives to demonstrate the importance of the environmental and health benefits of increasing the use of more sustainable modes of travel as an alternative to the private car. As part of our role, the baseline Travel Plan review has recently taken place. The points below highlight the benefits that can be derived from the implementation of the Darwin Green Travel Plan.

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What has the Travel Plan achieved?

  • Many respondents have suggested that they now walk more frequently for leisure purposes due to the pandemic.
  • 22% of residents have so far claimed their initial incentive (bus tickets or active travel voucher, to be redeemed online).
  • Residents have become increasingly aware of benefits available to them, such as car clubs and bike registration kits. This awareness is projected to continue growing with the update of newsletters and site visits.

To view the baseline Travel Plan for Darwin Green, please click here.

As highlighted in the Travel Plan, we continue to provide information and advice concerning appropriate cycle and walking routes for residents. We will also continue to liaise with relevant authorities to highlight any maintenance issues throughout the year. If there is anything you would like to see to encourage you to make changes to your travel habits, Please contact us, your Travel Plan Coordinator, for any questions or issues relating to travel that you may have.