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Having just moved to Darwin Green, it can be time consuming hunting down your nearest bus services or ticket prices, therefore, let us take that hassle away. Every resident of Darwin Green, old, young (or in between!) is entitled to receive a free of charge Personal Travel Plan.

These PTP’s (as they are commonly known) identify all travel options from A to B, for example from your home to your workplace or school. Simply, provide us with your regular destination, the time you need to be there by and the time you normally leave – we will then take care of the rest!


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We need you! We are looking for residents to have their say and help us understand what you need when it comes to sustainable travel in and around Darwin Green. If you would like to be part of a residents group, working alongside us at Smarter Travel, please email us at

You will receive regular updates on our work and we will be asking for advice and feedback on measures we are implementing for residents.