As a resident of Darwin Green we are giving you free car club membership and £50 driving credit! (Which must be used within 6-months of signing up). To claim your free membership and driving credit, please complete our short travel survey.

Visit the Enterprise Car Club website for information on how the car clubs work, including, how to reserve a vehicle and protocol for unlocking and using the car.

Car travel Top Tips

Car travel can be expensive and if you’re concerned with the cost of fuel? Here are some top tips on driving more economically:


Service! Regular servicing is important in ensuring your car is working to its best efficiency.


Under Pressure? Make sure your tyres are at the correct pressure. Check regularly and particularly before long journeys. Under inflated tyres can increase your drag when driving, thus, increasing your fuel consumption.


What a drag! Still got that roof box on the top of your car? If you’re not using it, take it off! Roof boxes and roof racks can really increase the drag when driving.


Stop hanging around! Don’t sit with the vehicle idling, turn the engine on just as you’re ready to leave for your trip.


Prepare like a pro! Plan your journey before you leave – this can help eliminate some unwanted surprises such as planned road closures.

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Car clubs are a great alternative to second car ownership as you can eliminate the expense of running and maintaining a vehicle. With car clubs you can hire vehicles by the hour, 24/7 and more often than not this is all controlled by an app on your smart phone!

No need to head to a car hire depot, just pick one of these cars up in one of the many locations across Cambridge with your nearest (operated by Enterprise Car Club being an 11- minute walk away on Wentworth Road

Lift Sharing


Electric and Hybrid Vehicles


Plug-in – EV Car Charging


EV Grants