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Cambridge is the cycling city of the UK and is known for its high levels of cycling and excellent cycling facilities, so why not join in with what everyone else is doing?!

The city and surrounding area are relatively flat and there is already some great infrastructure in place including a cycle route running along nearby Huntingdon Road which takes you directly into Cambridge city centre.

Many facilities are accessible within a short bicycle journey, including, schools, doctors surgeries, supermarkets and employment areas.

There is also a full Cambridge cycle map available here to download which highlights recognised cycle routes across the city and surrounding areas.

Plan a cycle route online at Cyclestreets.

NHS Cycling for Beginners, check out the NHS Better Health campaign.

Health Benefits of Cycling

Cycling is not just a mode of transport but it also provides an excellent low impact workout too; there are many health benefits from hopping on your bicycle and many studies to back this up. Why not turn your commute into a workout?


Increased cardiovascular fitness.


A decrease in stress levels.


Strengthened bones.


Improved posture and coordination.

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As a resident of Darwin Green you are entitled to an active travel voucher (as an alternative to free bus travel – see our public transport section for more information).

Claim your £60 active travel voucher where you can shop for a variety of cycling equipment including; helmets, locks or waterproof clothing. To claim, please complete the short travel survey.

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