Are Two Modes Better Than One?

19th February 2024

Walk to the bus stop, cycle to the train station or drive to the park and ride. Whatever multi-modal trip you decide to make, it’s better than driving alone, for both you and your environment. Below are some of the key health and wellbeing benefits of active travel, which you can combine with other modes to make your journeys more sustainable:

Benefits of cycling and walking

Wellbeing: 20 minutes of exercise per day helps to improve brain function by increasing the flow of oxygen to the brain, helping to reduce the risk of depression by 31% and decreasing anxiety levels, which can make you more productive. Walking all of part of your daily commute can help you get into a positive mindset for the day.

Health: Walking and cycling helps improve your cardiovascular health and helps to burn calories to maintain a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI). Obesity causes 1 million deaths every year worldwide! Not only that, but physical inactivity costs the NHS up to £1 billion per annum. Half a million people worldwide die of air pollution every year and that number is increasing rapidly,  but walking and cycling journeys helps to improve air quality by reducing congestion and pollution, particularly in urban areas.”


Department for Transport (2021)

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Did you know you can take your bike on the bus? Check your local bus provider to make sure they have room for your bike!

The park and ride is a good alternative to driving in and paying for parking.

Simply park your car for free and hop onto the bus, sit back and enjoy your commute, rather than contributing to the stressful grid lock twice a day. Using the park and ride decreases the amount of cars entering the city, helping to speed up your daily commute.

Using the park and ride is normally a lot quicker than driving into the city, plus the benefit of not having to pay expensive city parking prices.

A great multi modal commute that’s easy to try is getting off the bus a stop early and walking the rest of your commute, this will help you achieve your recommended daily exercise and enhance your wellbeing before work.

By combining and incorporating one sustainable method in your daily commute, you’re helping the environment and making roads less congested, which saves everyone time.

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