Driving the change with car sharing, including money saving and social connection of car sharing

15th January 2024

Liftshare network is FREE and easy to sign up to their website to find locals to car share with.

Liftshare members save over £1,000 on average every year.

You will save money on fuel, maintenance, and parking, helping you to navigate through the current cost of living challenges.

Eco-Friendly Travel: By sharing car rides, we reduce the number of cars on the road, cutting down carbon emissions and contributing to a greener earth.

Community Connection: Socialise your commute and join a community of like-minded individuals who believe in sustainable living. Make new friends and create a positive impact on your community. Car sharing is more than just splitting the cost of travel with each other, it is a social commute, rather than a solo commute.

Hear from one of Lifshares members John. “I’ve saved around £1500 in 6 months, and often four of us use one car for the usual daily 50-mile trip. Definite friendship has occurred which wouldn’t have happened without Liftshare”.

Read more of Liftshares success stories www.liftshare.com/uk/member-stories and sign up today and start your money saving success story like John.

We practice what we preach at Smarter Travel. Hear from our Smarter Travel employees who successfully lift share together.

Hear from our Travel Plan Coordinator Elizabeth Evans MA who talks about her experience with car sharing.

“I enjoy car sharing to work. I am not a morning person and thought I would find socialising before 08:00am tiresome, but actually it sets me up for the day, good music puts me in a positive mood and the journey allows me to catch up with colleagues outside of work. Not only do we all save money by splitting the cost of fuel each month, but it guarantees a parking space at the office and is much more reliable than rural buses. I feel comfortable car sharing with colleagues because we are familiar, I know where we are travelling to/from and I feel safe in their company. We make it clear to the wider team what days we are car sharing on and if one of us needs to be flexible with our working pattern due to an appointment or event outside of work, we just let management know and agree to make up the time.”

Hear from Oliver Shaw engineering apprentice at Richard Jackson. Oliver currently car shares with Elizabeth at Richard Jackson Smarter Travel.

“I would say car sharing is my most favourable way of traveling to work in comparison to other sustainable modes of travel and including driving alone.

My commute from North Walsham to Norwich typically takes about 45 minutes and I make this journey 5 days a week. I car share at least twice a week, once as a passenger and once as a driver, which allows me to save the cost of one of my journeys to work a week, at about £5, resulting in a total saving of about £230 a year.

I mainly share the journey with one of my friends from North Walsham, who is located along the route. Although I have to divert my usual route to work (making it 10 minutes longer) for my friend’s place of work, it allows extra time in the morning for a catch-up chat and relaxes me for the day.

On some days I also share my commute with a colleague, who is located on the way to work, and this means that we can discuss ideas about work on the way which gets us in the mindset for a productive day.”

In Conclusion: Car sharing is an efficient, easy way to save money, and enjoy your commute.

Together, we can make a difference!  Let’s drive change.

Find more information and Sign up now at www.liftshare.com/uk
For Cambridge sign up for free to www.liftshare.com/uk/community/camshare