Every Step You Take…

9th October 2023

Here at Smarter Travel, we want to celebrate International Walk to School Month! It’s a time to unite families in hand and in heart, which is why we’re highlighting some of the amazing health benefits of walking (and cycling):

1. Healthy Heart

Walking for 2.5 hours per week can reduce the risk of cardiovascular problems by 31% (try walking for 30 minutes on your lunch break!)

2. Keep Fit

Walking and cycling helps you maintain a healthy body and mind, can be tailored to your level of fitness and intensity so you can go at your own pace.

3. Stress-Less

Moving around can make you feel less stressed, reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety. Just 20-minutes a day is proven to increase brain function, so make sure to take a break during the day to reset! It’s like a natural mood booster!

4. Strong Bones

Walking is gentle on your joints and can help if you ever have achy knees or hips. Maintaining an active routine helps to alleviate pain associated with osteoarthritis and other bone ailments. Biking can increase the bone density in your legs, hips and spine, therefore making them stronger, so it’s like giving your bones a workout!

5. Live Longer

A study by “The Lancet” found that people who walked or cycled for 2.5 hours per week reduced the risk of premature mortality by 22% – worth a shot right?! Regular physical activity helps to prevent chronic diseases like diabetes and types of cancer, such as breast and colon cancer.

Unlike the gym, walking is completely free and gets you from A to B! Check out the likes of Sustrans, Living Streets and Cycling UK to find local walking and cycling groups, log your physical activities on apps like Strava to monitor your progress and keep you accountable!

Walking and cycling are the smarter ways to travel and we encourage you to do so whenever possible. Click here to complete the Darwin Green Travel Survey to redeem your £60 active travel voucher.