6th March 2023

To help with those January resolutions, we have produced a campaign to encourage sustainable travel in the new year, defining what it is to travel SMART with Smarter Travel.


“Struggling for a New Year’s Resolution? We can help with that! Each day this week we will be giving you tips, tricks, and inspiration to travelling. Here at Smarter Travel, we help people find smarter ways to travel, but what does it mean to travel SMART? Think of it as a SMART target, but for sustainable travel.

To travel sustainably is defined as emitting low or zero emissions, being energy efficient and affordable. Could you make small changes to become more sustainable?”


“We hope that you have made a sustainable new year’s resolution; now it’s time to implement this change! But there’s no point in going 0 – 100, this extreme switch of lifestyle can often lead to abandonment. So, the second attribute to travelling SMART is Moderation. Our apprentice engineer Olly has devoted his New Year’s resolution to using the train over his car, here’s how he got on:”

Olly takes the train


“I’m too tired to exercise”


“I don’t have the time”


“We’ve all heard and used those excuses before, but you don’t need an expensive gym membership to get fit. Just walking or cycling to work or in your lunch break each day satisfies the daily recommended amount of exercise. This can-do wonders for your heart health, lung capacity, stamina, and energy levels. All whilst completing the unavoidable commute.”

Active travel comes in all shapes and sizes’


“Part of becoming more sustainable is realising the importance of the role you play in reducing carbon emissions and fighting climate change. So, the fourth edition to traveling SMART is Responsibility. If everyone travels SMART this year and makes small changes, those small changes become much more influential. Carbon offsetting is a great way to take action against your own emissions.”

‘Carbon Offsetting


“The penultimate day brings the final stage of travelling SMART.

This is the transformation from one mode of transport to hopefully one more sustainable. So, lets refer to the Active Travel Hierarchy, what is a more sustainable mode of transport you could realistically use in your day-to-day life this new year?”

‘Active Travel Hierarchy’