‘Tis the Season to be Sustainable

7th December 2023

For many, this holiday season is a time for celebrations, good food and get togethers, but it doesn’t have to cost the earth! (pun intended)

Sustainability isn’t just about smarter travel, it’s embedded in everything we do. That’s why this month, we wanted to share some top tips for reducing your carbon footprint and making seasonal savings!



Before heading out to do your seasonal shopping, why not ask people if there is anything they need? This way, they will be sure to make the most of your gift, helping to reduce waste.

Wrapping presents brings us joy, but it’s important to be mindful of the materials we are using. Some paper wrapping paper has a plastic lining for strength, but that means it cannot be recycled, so always check before you buy. Avoid glitter, this is made of plastic too. Do the scrunch test: if it bounces back, it’s not recyclable.

Sellotape, the UKs most popular UK brand for tape, is made of polypropylene (PP – Plastic number 5) and cannot be recycled, making any wrapping paper it is attached to non-recyclable, unless you spend your morning separating it (a messy, time consuming job). Instead, why not try paper-based alternatives, such as solvent-free glue, made from natural ingredients, or why not try wrapping with fabric that can be reused! Watch this simple fabric wrapping tutorial.

Plastic ribbons and bows might be beautiful, but landfill isn’t. Why not try paper alternatives or better yet, try twine that can be reused year after year.



40 million dad jokes are thrown away every year! Look out for plastic-free crackers, available in most UK supermarkets, or better yet, try fabric crackers that can be reused and refilled with your own small gifts and inside jokes.



The holiday season tends to be a time for indulgence, but it’s important not to waste food and only buy what you need. There is more than enough food to feed the world, but 783 million people still go hungry, so think before you buy – will you use it? Do you need it? Here are some tips to make tasty dishes with your leftovers.



If you’re travelling home to get together with your loved ones over the holidays, could you cut your costs and carbon by car sharing?

Daily exercise is important for overall health and wellbeing, so why not try getting out for a winter walk. The Ramblers organise walks all year round, check out their website to find your local group.


From all of us at Smarter Travel, we’d like to wish you a sustainable holiday season!